Solution Focused Therapy

While I was in graduate school it was very important that I not only graduate, but I was also quite interested in learning to be an effective clinician. Initially this was a hard process for me, I was taught that there were several different approaches to counseling and I was totally lost on how I was to find an approach that fit me, then, I was introduced to Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT). From the time I learned about this approach I knew that it made sense to me and would be the way I worked with clients going forward in Keller, Texas.


In the time since being introduced to this approach, noted authors and practitioners from all over the world have mentored me, in such places such as London, England and Malmo, Sweden. I have been fortunate enough to have authored multiple books based on this approach and have traveled throughout the United States as well as internationally in places such as, England, Scotland, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Switzerland, Canada, and The Netherlands conducting training events and lecturing at major conferences.


Without getting too scientific, I wanted to share a few words about Solution Focused Brief Therapy so you can be more aware of the type of work that I do. Most therapists will spend time with clients attempting to gain understanding about the problem, or problems, that have led to a person seeking counseling. Though this may be an effective way to treat some problems, it is often inefficient, complicated and even painful to people in therapy. Instead, in using the Solution Focused Approach my work is focused on solutions and what changes need to be made to accomplish your goals for therapy in the most effective and efficient way possible.


If you think about it, this just makes more sense. If you had a headache and all your doctor did was explain to you what caused the headache, did he cure the headache? Of course not! Well, life’s problems are the same. If all the psychotherapist does is help you understand the cause of a problem then it is likely that the problem is not solved, plus, the process will have taken many months or even years. My work is much briefer because it is about accomplishing goals and replacing the problem with your very best hopes.


The difference between a problem focused conversation and a solution focused conversation is quite significant and leads to a very different experience for those involved in this type of treatment. It is based on enhancing your strengths and not just addressing your weaknesses. If you would like to schedule an appointment in our Keller, TX, office, contact me here.