Obstacles are there so we can climb them

You know, if there is one thing I love and receive inspiration from it is when people introduce me to stories that involve someone overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds. I recently was introduced to such a story that I wanted to share with you.

For the past few years my older brother had been pursuing a career in standup comedy. As I am sure you know, this is a long journey and often filled with many challenges, my brother’s journey was no exception. When he was in perhaps the most difficult time of this process a fellow comic friend took him in and allowed my brother to sleep on his couch for while.

Being concerned, I asked my brother about this friend, really just wanting to be sure my brother was ok, but when I heard this comic’s story I was amazed. According to my brother, though this guy was funny, he had a very difficult stutter that he had to overcome to make his jokes comical when he was on stage. I heard all of the work this person did just to be heard, let alone funny. I was amazed at how he did not let this obstacle stop him, in fact, he turned this obstacle into a bit of a stepping stone.

So, I was not surprised when I saw this person on the television winning over a crowd with his comical skill and personal resilience.

Check out this month’s video of the month to meet this incredible man and hear his story.

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Elliott E. Connie, MA, LPC

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