Marriage & Couples Counseling in Keller, TX

Marriage Therapy in Keller

“Love like there’s no tomorrow, and if tomorrow comes, love again.”
– Max Lucado

My greatest professional passion is counseling couples and helping them to regain the love and affection that was once present. I have literally traveled the world to train clinicians to use Solution Focused Approach Therapy with couples. Through this process I have written books on this subject, developed an approach known as Solution Building Couples Therapy and created a couples program, “The Solution Focused Marriage”.


Couples Therapy in DFW

Most marriage counseling approaches are about teaching clients the predictors of divorce and how to avoid them, my work is very different. The focus of my work is to identify what you would like your relationship to look like and work together to identify the steps that need to be taken to make that ideal relationship to become a reality.


This may seem like a challenge, and if I am being honest, it is. However, it is also very simple. This is because all relationships started out in a positive light. Love was the foundation of the relationship’s early days, but those times are hard to sustain. This is because in those early stages of the relationship people typically do not pay attention to what is making them work well together, instead they just ride the wave of happiness and euphoria. Though this is an understandable perspective to take during the beginning of a relationship, it also causes a couple to miss important information about what makes them work well together.


Couples Therapy in DFW

My therapy approach to working couples helps partners to identify what is right between the two of them and what is within the coupleship that is worth saving. This information will help the couple gain strength and authority over even to most extreme problems that can often plague a relationship. I have seen many couples come into my office on the brink of divorce and, through this process; the couple rediscovers the love that was once so present between them.


The steps to keeping this love present become more clear through the process and before the couple is aware of what steps they need to take to begin to experience their very best hopes for their relationship.


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