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I have learned some very hard lessons along my life and one of them was how important it is to think about love and purpose when making decisions. Unfortunately I have not always done this but when I look back over my life when I did, things worked and when I didn’t, they didn’t. I am almost embarrassed at how often I made decisions in my life that did not fit with a desired goal. I wanted to build a successful business then made a decision (or 2) that did not match with that goal, or wanted a happy wife then made a decision that risked her happiness, so on and so on.

This week I saw a video that struck me in this regard. I want to hare it with you because I whole heartedly agree with the message of the video and I could not make it through the video without crying.

I deeply want people to learn my life lessons without having to got through my struggles. I have learned to pursue my dreams at all cost, I pursue my goals with passion, purpose and intent. I now love my life! So please check out this video.

This is a minute long clip, but it is powerful!


If you liked that clip, see the whole speech here.


Quote of the month

The real glory is being knocked to your knees and then coming back. That’s real glory. -Vince Lombardi


Have another great month!


Elliott E. Connie, MA, LPC

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