Individual Therapy in Keller, TX

A student oustide a school.

“The future is always beginning now.”
-Mark Strand

Problems can have a massive impact on almost every part of our lives once they begin to takeover our happiness. These problem patterns can eventually become our normal existence and erode our relationships, families and job performance.

We sometimes think in order to overcome these problem patterns we have to go down the difficult path of understanding how we got into a difficult situation or what flaws we have that are likely to pose problems in our lives. This is not true and nor is it the best way to overcome problems in our lives. Instead, we should focus on our strengths, assets and resources and learn to use those more often.


The focus of my individual counseling practice is to work to build the future you most desire and use your greatest talents to make that future a reality. We won’t spend time beating you up for past mistakes or shaming you for your flaws. Looking backwards can be dangerous, too often we look in our past only to review our biggest mistakes and our largest regrets. In our individual therapy sessions, we will spend time reviewing your past for evidence of your successes and past accomplishments. The good news is we all have them, we all have had times in the past when we were some how functioning better and in my approach we will spend time understanding what made you successful in the past as that will give us ideas as to what will need to make you more successful in the future.


This therapy approach is based on hope and the belief that every problem can be solved and no problem is more powerful than your strengths. I will have individual conversations with you that are focused on identifying your preferred future and what details you would like to be occurring in that future. We will identify exact, achievable and precise steps that can be taken to turn what was once envisioned into a reality.


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