Family Therapy in Keller, TX

Family Therapy in Keller

“Success is achieved by developing our strengths, not by eliminating our weaknesses.”
— Marilyn vos Savant

Creating a family with loving feelings and healthy dynamics is very hard work; in fact, there may have never been a time in human history when families have been faced with more challenges than they are today. Whether it is a traditional family or a second marriage that involves combining to groups of children, the challenges in building happy healthy families can be endless.

Family Therapy


Furthermore, the resources available to families that would be helpful can be limited and hard to find. There are very few places a family can go and learn how to build happy families or blend groups of children together. It is hard to get the resources needed to repair relationships that have become strained or need overcome child behaviors that have begun to cause strife throughout the family

Counseling for families


My approach to family therapy is to help all members of the family to identify what they would like the family to look like once all of the problems are solved and what changes each member can make to facilitate the family to change in the most desired ways. This solution-focused approach is built to harness the best skills and strengths of each family member.


What is right about a person is far more important towards accomplishing change than what is wrong with a person. In families, sometimes we accidentally allow our flaws to become more pervasive than our talents, this pattern can be changed through having conversations about the best of each family member and what each family would like to see the family become. In my long experience in counseling families I have witnessed even the most challenging family systems become healthier and overcome the most severe family problems.


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