Children and Adolescents Therapy in Keller, TX

Child Counseling 10-17

“Happiness is a state of mind. It’s all according to how you look at things”.
– Walt Disney


Working with children and adolescents is among my favorite things to do here in Keller, TX. I enjoy this work because, like the song says, I truly do believe that children are our future, so, when you reach a child and help them to change, the very future has been impacted.


The challenges in being a child or adolescent in today’s society are many. Bully, social media, peer pressure towards drugs, alcohol and other deviant behaviors have never been stronger. Add to that the pressures of academics and it is easy to see what children and adolescents begin to have problems.


Often, when there is a problem in the lives of a child, then the symptoms get passed through the family. This does not have to be the case and in my work with children and adolescents I help them rediscover their true selves and live to their full potential. By having conversations about their future and what they would like to become I help children and adolescents understand that the choices they are making today will have impact on their futures and by changes using the best of themselves to make decisions, they can redirect their lives into a more positive place.


Child Counseling 3-10

The best thing about counseling children and adolescents is I have never met a child that wanted to have problems. I have worked with the most challenging kids imaginable in some of the most difficult of settings and never once have I encountered a child that truly wanted to be “bad”. They simply don’t realize the true impact of their choices nor do they realize how powerful their strengths and talents are. This is what my therapy accomplishes. I help them understand both how much talent they truly have and what kind of potential resides within them and also how their choices today will have life long ramifications.


If you are ready to have your child and/or adolescent live at their very best, contact me today to schedule a therapy session in Keller, Texas.