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Latest Inspirations

Hello everyone Hey there, sorry it has been so long since I have sent out my newsletter. It has been a very long few weeks! I have been in several states lecturing and I just returned home from teaching in Moscow, Russia. I had several things running through my head to share with you but […]


Believe in your power

Hello everyone People often ask me what my favorite thing is about being a psychotherapist, my answer is always the same. I love that I get to see people accomplish what they once thought was unlikely, even impossible. It honestly blows me away and never gets old. However, I do not understand at all how people do it. […]


What are you looking for?

Well, here we are, in the month of love and romance. It seems as though 2014 is already flying by. Hopefully it has been a good year for you so far, It has been exciting for me thus far. I have agreed to travel around the United States and to several countries abroad to give lectures […]