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Joye Jones, MA, LPC-S

Licensed Professional Counselor
(817) 915-5232

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Picturing myself being anything other than a therapist is one definition of futility. Growing up on three different continents only increased my love for helping others. In fact, I often think I was a therapist before I got the degree.

After graduating from high school in Brazil I moved to Texas where I completed my Master of Arts in Psychology at Hardin-Simmons University. Since then I have had the privilege to work with various populations in various settings, with clients as young as one and a half, to children who thought their only way to survive was through violence. I have helped others in foster and adoption agencies, treatment centers, schools and hospitals.

I have worked to empower families and individuals overcome personal obstacles for over fifteen years. I am excited about helping you discover what’s keeping you stuck, helping you find hope and providing balance in today’s hectic world.  My therapies include cognitive-behavioral, family systems and dialectical behavioral therapy. I live in the Keller area with my family. I love to read and do Sudoku. I enjoy going to the beach; cannot surf, or do anything that resembles surfing. My son keeps me on my toes, and loves winning at Hungry, Hungry Hippo.

I am excited to meet you and am honored to be working with you through this journey.


Eronia A. Melesse  MA, LPC-Intern

Licensed Professional Counselor Intern
Under Supervision of Elliott E. Connie  MA, LPC
(817) 239-9315

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Hi!  My name is Eronia Melesse, and I believe that constructive therapy is a great passage to a prosperous solution. I efficiently completed my undergraduate degree in Psychology from Texas Christian University. After graduation, I worked for 2 non-profit organizations in the Virginia area and undeniably realized my calling in the mental health field.  I made up my mind to pursue my Master’s degree and recently completed my education in Licensed Professional Counseling at Texas Wesleyan University. Based on the honors I received, my reputation amongst my educators, and my passion for promoting growth, I am looking forward to a hopeful and encouraging future full of meaningful work in the area I love. In addition to my thorough educational experience, I most recently spent 2 years working in the Career Services department at Wesleyan. I am particularly skilled at aiding those transitioning into college and/or a new job, as well as those looking to discover their abilities and skills in their professional lives. I am trained in the interpretation and delivery of reputable personality tests such as the Strong Interest Inventory and the Myers-Briggs. I currently work as the Assistant to the Dean of Education, a position that has allowed me to further develop skills in assisting others with a positive, goal-oriented perspective. I genuinely appreciate the opportunity to help people of all backgrounds and cultures, something I am proud of and I will continue to do throughout my counseling career.


Jessica Rana Demla MA, LPC-Intern

Licensed Professional Counselor Intern
Under Supervision of Elliott E. Connie MA, LPC

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No matter what issues or concerns may have landed you on this page, here is one thing you cannot forget about, hope. Something, from somewhere, let you know that you would be able to possibly overcome whatever it may be that has recently become destructive. That little thing, that glimmer which may seem out of grasp, is undeniably your strength that will carry you through towards reclaiming your life.

Hi! I should’ve introduced myself sooner, I’m Jessica Demla, a Solution Focused Therapist, and Licensed Professional Counselor-Intern born and raised in the great State of Texas. As I was growing up I had an endless list of jobs I wanted “to-be”. So endless that when it came time to attend school I wasn’t sure which was right for me and I knew couldn’t be all of them, unless I became an actress perhaps, which was not on the list. What I did know is that I believed that each profession saw the best in others, cared for others, and was in one way, or another was hopeful. Through many trials and tribulations, good and life-teaching experiences, I discovered that my passion and strengths for seeing hope fit best and naturally in the world of mental health counseling. I learned that of all the jobs I had dreamed of , this was the career that brought out my own strengths and unique characteristics.

I work daily with clients and organizations to discover their strengths that help them move towards a future that is “best-fit” and defined solely by them. I encourage them to focus their attention on their unique strengths, accomplishments, and hopes that will give them tools necessary to overcome issues and move closer to their desired future. There is no “minimum” or “max” to how long this can take. I leave it to my clients to let me know when they believe this chapter of discovering and utilizing strengths is achieved, allowing them to move on to the next.


My Specialties include:

  • Multi/Cross Cultural & Desi Counseling
  • Grief & Trauma Related Issues
  • Addictions & Recovery
  • Business & Organizational Development
  • Relationship Issues


You can trust that in our time together session will be judgment-free and confidential, inviting hope to grow and becoming an attainable future. If you have been feeling stuck and lost in ways of problems you’ve come to the right place.



Fees for a session with Joye Jones are $150.00.

Fees for a session with Eronia Melesse or Jessica Rana Demla are $75.00.

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