Addiction Counselor in Keller, TX

Addiction Counseling in Keller

Addiction / Substance Abuse-Misuse Treatment

From the earliest part of my life addictions has been a part of my world, this is a large part of what drove me to becoming an addiction counselor. I was fascinated about human behaviors and what made some people struggle with addictions and, most importantly, how certain people overcame them and went on to lead sober lives.


The power of an addiction can be unbearable and reach every area of a person’s life and tear away everything that is important until there is literally nothing left. A person can loose all of the money, their job, and their family, literally everything.


Addiction Counseling in DFW

I am here to tell you there is hope, the addiction can subside and you can truly live out your greatest future without frequent reoccurrences of the behavior associated with the addiction.


In my counseling sessions this is accomplished by getting back in sync with the person that is truly within you, the person that is seeking to grab a hold of this addictive behavior and become what they are destined to become. I have a conversation based on living a life without the behavior so the steps towards reclaiming what the addiction has stripped away can be reclaimed.


If you are ready to rediscover your true self and live a life without the addictive behavior, contact me today to schedule your substance abuse therapy session in Keller, Tx.